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Mo & Lo, founders of Moloco

Two successful entrepreneurs Monica (the Mo) and Louis (the Lo), decided it was time to embark on an endeavor together with the aim of aiding other businesses. After a series of long discussions, and many margaritas and tacos later, they realized that they wanted to be able to offer assistance to other entrepreneurs and businesses in ways that would have benefitted them when managing their own companies. Given their problem-solving nature, they can't help but notice opportunities for improvement, and they eagerly want to offer guidance and input due to their passion for business and growth. Recognizing that they wouldn't be where they are without the mentorship they received over the years, they wanted to pay it forward, which led directly to the creation of MoLoCo. It wasn't long before they recognized an opportunity and unmet need for consulting and coaching within the food industry leading to the creation of Sugar Strategist, which has curated resources designed to assist entrepreneurs in elevating their food businesses to the next level.

High-calibre professionals support MoLoCo's mission: providing entrepreneurs the chance to turn their ambitions into a reality and helping both start-ups and existing businesses reach their fullest potential for success. Monice and Louis have been through it all - from founding their own companies to working with major corporations. With them at your side, you're sure to get the best possible guidance, partnership, and consultancy so you can tackle any business obstacle that comes your way. Their enthusiasm for business makes them ideal advisors!

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