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  • Create a unique identity through logo, color scheme, and messaging

  • Identify the unique value proposition of company and create a plan to communicate this to target audience.

  • Build strong brand to generate positive word-of-mouth marketing and increase customer loyalty and repeat business

  • Use brand strategy to increase perceived value of  products and services, leading to higher prices and increased profitability.

Have you determined which markets to serve, who is already serving those markets and how you are different from your competitors?  Has your company effectively determined how you wish to be perceived by customers and within various market segments?  Do you understand how you're currently perceived and have a plan in place to close those gaps if necessary?  Branding and positioning are crucial elements of a company's marketing strategy and are essential for your company to be successful.

Branding refers to the creation of a unique identity and image for a company and its products. It includes elements such as the company's logo, color scheme, messaging, and overall aesthetic. A strong brand helps a company stand out from its competitors and builds recognition and loyalty with its customers.  Catchy slogans, for instance, sometimes become strongly connected to your brand so that people easily recall the brand from hearing the slogan. A positive brand image can undoubtedly influence a consumer's decision to buy a product. For virtually every business, building a positive brand image starts online.

Positioning, on the other hand, refers to how a company positions itself and its products in the minds of its target customers. It involves identifying the unique value proposition of the company's products and communicating this effectively to the target audience.  For example, a company may try to brand itself as the highest quality provider, a top service provider, best value, or lowest price of its product to a particular market. Saying you are a highly trusted brand or that your business provides personal attention are other positioning approaches. Customer perception of your business, brand and messages are key to effective positioning. Many of these begin with marketing (link back to our marketing?). 

If your company can benefit from an assessment of your branding and positioning for a better insight and evaluation, there are several ways Moloco's consultants can help, in turn improving your company's success. If you're interested in improving your overall messaging and its impact, alongside your marketing strategies, we'll dig deeper into the following 3 aspects:

  • Differentiation: A strong brand and effective positioning can help your company differentiate itself from its competitors and stand out in the marketplace. This can make it easier for your company to attract and retain customers. Through effective emotional appeals and market messages your business can help the market identify your brand and differentiate it from competitors based on benefits such as better quality, services or tools. Companies build brands using memorable names, symbols such as logos and other images and phrases.

  • Customer loyalty: A strong brand can build customer loyalty by creating an emotional connection with your customers. This can lead to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth marketing.  We'll help identify what drives repeat purchases and prompts existing customers to choose your company over a competitor offering similar benefits. We can also assist with strategies specifically targeted and positioned to your business to go about improving it.


  • Increased value: A well-defined brand and positioning strategy can increase the perceived value of your company's products and services, leading to higher prices and increased profitability.


Overall, branding and positioning are critical for your company to be successful. By creating a strong brand and effectively positioning yourself and your products in the marketplace, your company can differentiate itself, build customer loyalty, and increase your company's value. Reach out today to learn more about how Moloco can help improve your position in the marketplace. 

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